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If you think my style is a good fit for your professional project (logo designs, album covers, advertising illustrations, etc.), I'd love to work with you. Contact me and let's discuss your vision!

Yes! Feel free to enjoy/resample any of my artwork for personal use, under the following conditions:

  • Do not remove my signature from the original piece.
  • Please credit (Ashe, asheissketchy.com or @asheissketchy) or link to the original.
  • Artwork may not be used commercially nor reproduced for profit.

If you would like to use an existing piece of artwork or pattern for your album cover, product packaging, product lines, etc., please contact me to discuss licensing terms.


Ready-to-ship items such as stickers, prints and pins are stocked and packaged directly by me, and will ship out of Los Angeles within 1-3 business days of order via USPS.
Apparel and bags are printed and hand-stitched to order out of Montréal or New York, and require up to 3 weeks for manufacturing before they are shipped.

Yes! I ship worldwide.*
* I currently cannot ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria (as prohibited by US law).

Because of the nature of the manufacturing process, enamel pins are rarely perfect. Unlike prints and stickers (which can be mass-printed and cut solely by a machine), pin-making is a timely process that requires a human touch; therefore, small variations between pins are normal. As an artist, I find beauty in the small imperfections that make each pin unique. In a sense, enamel pins are original works of art! However, some pins march to the beat of their own drummer a little more than others, making them slightly off-model. To establish a standard of quality, many artists set up a grading system based upon their personal expectations.

The following guideline illustrates how I grade my pins:

A-Grade (Standard)

These pins are nearly perfect! All colors are in the correct areas, without spillover. Metal looks neat and clean. May contain no more than 3 of the following variations, but variations must be negligible and not overwhelm the overall aesthetic:
• slightly uneven color from underfilling
• minor glitter spillover (if applicable)
• minor texture in enamel (from tiny air bubbles)
• minor texture in metal
• minor oxidation of metal

B-Grade (Seconds)

Also referred to as "seconds" in the pin-making community, B-Grade pins have more obvious errors and are sold at a small discount. Often times, these pins still look pretty good, but contain more than 3 of variations listed above, bumping them down a grade. Additionally, they might contain 1-2 manufacturing errors outside of what is acceptable and expected, such as:
• missing/incorrect color in smaller details
• patchy glitter (if applicable)
• minor overfilling/underfilling of enamel
• minor dust in enamel paint
• minor scratches in enamel paint
• minor paint spillover onto metal
• minor dents in metal

C-Grade (Oops!)

C-Grade pins have the most glaring imperfections, but are still functional. Due to straying off-model, they will be heavily discounted. C-Grade pins occassionally consist of B-Grades which were demoted for too many variations, but they also may contain more serious manufacturing errors such as:
• areas of detail covered due to paint spillover
• visible dust/chips in enamel paint
• large air bubbles in enamel paint
• missing/incorrect color in larger details
• paint transfer onto major areas

Please note: to ensure your safety, defective items will never be sold nor given away. Any pins deemed non-functional (e.g. loose backing, broken metal, etc.) during packaging, will be immediately recycled upon inspection.

Substandard pins will be clearly marked and sold as such. If seconds are available, the option will be listed as a product variation and sold at a discount. In addition, lower grade pins will have "B" or "C" labels on the exterior packaging.

If you purchased a pin with no grade, it is up to standard (A grade)!

I periodically host seasonal sales and coupons to celebrate new merch drops. Follow me on Twitter to be the first to know!

Good news! I finally released the first of the cards here. At the moment, only Hector is in stock but more characters will come soon--stay tuned!

I'm not making a full deck, but I will be illustrating all 22 Major Arcana and releasing them as stickers!

As a small business owner running a DIY shop, all sales are final. However, I will be happy to replace your item(s) if:

• your parcel was lost in transit
• you received a defective item
• you cannot access your digital order

All inquiries may be emailed to asheissketchy@gmail.com Defective item claims must be made within 24 hours of confirmed delivery of your item. Please verify your order number or tracking number in your claim. Defective merchandise must be returned with original packaging (if applicable). I will comp shipping for your replacement item, however shipping costs for initial orders/returns are non refundable.