Here are nine of my go-to custom brushes for Photoshop.

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  • ASHE’S GEL PENThis is my go-to brush for sketching and inking. Inspired by the sleek look of Dr. Grip and Pilot Juice, the gel pen is a subtly textured, pressure-senstive brush designed to mimic the look and feel of a gel pen on paper. It’s easy to master and versatile! This pen is great for drawing and handwriting. It’s clean, but not too clean…giving each line a crisp albeit organic look (much like a traditionally-inked drawing than a vector).
  • FRESH MICRONI’ve been a diehard fan of Micron pens for the past 15 years, and this brush attempts to recreate the look of a brand new Micron on a fresh sketchbook page. Extra thin and textured for a matte felt-tip look, this brush is perfect for fine details such as hair or clothing embellishments. Ideal for manga and environmental artists!
  • WELL-LOVED MICRON We all have that one overused inking pen that has been broken in to perfection. I tried to emulate that feel in this brush, with jittery lines and a subtle crinkled paper texture–just like your favorite old Micron that bleeds into your sketchbook fibers.
  • 0.05 MECHANICAL PENCILThis one is great for rough sketches. Hyper thin lines with a subtle grit texture set at partial opacity make this brush a perfect tool for brainstorming, especially for the heavy-handed. Ideal for concept sketches and interior design.
  • FLAT SIDE OF CHARCOAL STICKI use this brush for blocking in shadows while sketching. It lays in value with a buttery-smooth flow and a soft feathered edge, like a well-used piece of charcoal (minus the mess).
  • VINE CHARCOALBold, but soft. If you’re a traditional medium enthusiast, going digital for sake of convenience, this brush is for you. Ideal for gesture drawing.
  • RUNNY QUILL I use this one sparingly, as it’s a bit fickle and difficult to master; however, it’s great when you need an organic, imperfect line. Pro tip: Try this brush when drawing tree bark or wood grain!
  • COLORED PENCILJust like real colored pencils, this one lays down a gritty-textured soft color, intensifying with your pen pressure. Layers and blends well. Pro tip: Try this brush when drawing rock or brick textures!
  • PRISMACOLOR MARKERThis is my newest brush and I’m still working to perfect it, but I’m including it in this set (albeit prematurely) so you can test it out and give feedback! Opaque, but with an irregular edge for more personality than your standard Photoshop brush. It’s meant for quickly filling in blocks of color. Ideal for concept art and sketches.


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